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Tumbling Level Progression List

We believe that our level progressions provide the safest and most efficient way to retain skills and better prepare our athletes for the next level.  This list we've provided below should help you and your athlete(s) decide which level class is best suited for you.  We are happy to conduct a free athlete evaluation in order to make sure we place your student in the right class. 




Forward Roll

Backward Roll

Head Stand


Backbend kick-over

Handstand unassisted

Concept of Cartwheel on both sides

Concept of Round-off


Level 1

Handstand Forward Roll

Left and Right Cartwheel

Knee Round-off

Power-hurdle round-off

Two step power hurdle round-off

Front walkover

Back walkover


Level 2

Standing back handspring

Back walkover connection into back handspring

Standing back handspring series (3) (Must gain power and speed)

Front handspring

Front walkover connection into back handspring

T-jump handspring

Round-off back handspring series (3) (Must gain power and speed)


Level 3

Standing tuck

Punch front (Stick)

Standing back handspring back tuck

Standing series back handspring to back tuck

Round-off back handspring back tuck

Toe touch back tuck


Level 4

Punch front step out

Round-off back handspring back layout

Standing back handspring series to back layout

*Multiple jumps to standing series to back layout

Trick pass to back layout

*Whips (After mastering a strong layout)


Level 5

Round-off back handspring full

Standing full

Cartwheel full

Standing back handspring series to full

Trick pass through to full

Round-off back handspring doubles

Trick pass through to doubles (Arabian, front handspring punch front)

*Skills with the asterisk next to them do not have to be mastered before moving on to the next level*



Tumbling Class Options


  • Trial Class - $5 (One time use) 


  • 1 ½ Hour Class (Levels 1 – 5) -$85/mo


      1 training session/week includes 1 open           gym per week.


 Drop In per class $25.00 - Open gym pass not included with Drop In fee.







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