GARY MONROE - Director, Parkour Division and Coach

Gary is a four-year Parkour coach who excels in the basic techniques of balance in both life and Freerunning with expert experience and knowledge at improving your Parkour skills. Gary's lessons focus on balance, agility and break falls.  His sessions are "PURE PARKOUR" including vaults, jumps, climbing, and flips. Gary's goal is to focus on overall physical training and proper movement mechanics.  He works with all ages and abilities creating the ultimate Parkour training sessions.  He also teaches private lessons.


KYLE SHERRIT, Coach, Men's Gymnastics and Tumbling 

Under the skillful eyes of Coach Kyle, a men's gymnastics program is geared to the development of fine motor skills, as well as structure and discipline.  The boy’s class will have instruction on all 6 disciplines, including floor, vault, parallel bars, high bars, still rings, and pommel horse,  derived from the USAG Men’s competitive compulsory program.


Coach Kyle is the Head Coach of the Boys Gymnastics Class.  Coach Kyle received his formal coaching instruction at the Olympic Training Center in Toronto, Ontario Canada, where he received a College Certificate in “Advanced, Gymnastics Coaching Techniques” (at Seneca College). Coach Kyle has been coaching competitive Gymnastics since 1990, and has had multiple State, Regional and National champions. He is also available for private lessons.



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