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Ryan Saegert - Owner of the Georgia Parkour Academy

Ryan Is a former Gymnast, Cheerleader and, Ninja Warrior Competitor.  Traditional sports were not “fun” for him growing up. Gymnastics was a good fit until it got serious and was no longer what he wanted as a kid.  He found Cheerleading at 16 and it changed his life! He decided he would open his own cheer gym one day. Cheer took him through college where he became a 5 Time UCA National Cheerleading Champion.  He began coaching Tumbling and Cheerleading at the age of 17 and continues (however limited it may be) to this day. In 2010 At the age of 24 Ryan was accepted to compete on American Ninja Warrior and quit his job to attend the tournament.  This is when he began to learn about Parkour! Many of the competitors were talking about it and he had noticed kids in the gym at his old job using the term. The first year on Ninja Warrior did not pan out well for Ryan. However, he did end up getting his job back and starting a Parkour Program. He knew if he can teach gymnastics, then he can learn to teach parkour.  This program quickly grew into what we now call “Georgia Parkour Academy”! Ryan quit his job again when he was accepted to compete on Ninja Warrior for a 2ed season were he did very well making it through the Regional competition, all the way to finals at Mt Midoriyama! When he returned he moved his Parkour program to peachtree City and opened Georgia Parkour Academy. Ryan has plans to compete on Ninja Warrior again someday!


Gary Monroe - Parkour Director

Coach Gary has been training Parkour, Free-Running, and Ninja Warrior skills since 2010. He has been coaching for almost just as long!


He has professional performance experience, as well as amatuer competitive experience.


As the Parkour Program Director Coach Gary’s coaching style focuses on the fundamental skills and training for longevity. Through his coaching students can expect to build functional strength and coordination, and increase their sense of balance. Students will gain the confidence to navigate real world obstacles both physical and mental. 


Using drills, skill progressions, and goal oriented training Coach Gary says that anyone at any age or athleticism can learn Parkour and have fun doing it. He even specializes in special needs coaching.


Alex Mantuano - Parkour & Freerunning Coach

Alex has been training parkour since 2012 and has been teaching it since the Georgia Parkour Academy’s founding in 2013. He proficient in Parkour and in Freerunning, meaning He can teach you pure parkour as well as flips and tricks to go along with it!

 He began his athletic career in martial arts around the age of ten, earning his black belt in American Karate at the age of 14, then went through a year of high school wrestling. A year later, he found parkour through coach Ryan’s classes, before he opened the Georgia Parkour Academy

He is currently a student at the University of West Georgia, where he is earning his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He intends to continue his education to become a licensed therapist.

Coach Alex is at the gym throughout the week and runs our parkour competitions every Sunday during open gym. He is also available for individual/group private session.



Mayah Lowry - Tumbling Coach

Mayah Noelle Lowry has been a coach for 3 years and has had her own experience in tumbling, cheerleading, and gymnastics for 10 years. She has a knack for technique in tumbling and wide range of knowledge from levels 1 through level 5. Throughout her years as an athlete, she was able to place as an All Region Cheerleader, won many awards for tumbling and jumping contests, placed 3rd in AAU Regionals Gymnastics, and also achieved the title of Captain for the Griffin HighSchool cheerleading program. Currently, Mayah has indulged into studying more about parkour and Freerunning which allows her to open her range of knowledge in the tumbling and tricking world. She hopes to continue her studies in college and receive a degree in Foreign Language. Mayah has been working at Georgia Parkour Academy for almost 7 months and hopes to remain a lasting face amongst the coaching crew. **Additional, She is AAU Gymnastics Certified

** Additional, worked with special needs cheerleading team and special lessons with Down Syndrome and Spectrum...

Coached by gym owner, Ryan Saegert



KYLE SHERRIT - Tumbling Director

Coach Kyle is the Head Coach of our Tumbling program.  Coach Kyle received his formal coaching instruction at the Olympic Training Center in Toronto, Ontario Canada, where he received a College Certificate in “Advanced, Gymnastics Coaching Techniques” (at Seneca College). Coach Kyle has been coaching competitive Gymnastics since 1990, and has had multiple State, Regional and National champions. He is also available for private lessons.



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